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Tex Saverio's Elegant Touch in Hunger Games  

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Minggu, 1 Desember 2013 12:36 WIB
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  • Tex Saverio's Elegant Touch in Hunger Games  

    TEMPO/Muhammad Fadli

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Indonesian fashion designer Tex Saverio, or better known as Rio, does not seem to be slowing down in surprising people with his magnificent talent. After gloriously launched his ready-to-wear fashionably outfit in Paris and Jakarta Fashion Week, his design is now loved by millions of people around the globe as it hits the Hollywood’s box office Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

    Tex Saverio's wedding gown garnered people's attention as The Hunger Games' heroine Katnis Everdeen is seen in the film wearing his design on the stage during the games 75th opening. For The Hunger Games' novel readers, Rio's design succeeded in visualizing the readers' imagination.

    The film's costume designer, Trish Summerville, admitted that she had long put eyes on Rio's collections. The wedding gown was first appeared in Jakarta Fashion Week in 2010 when Rio was exhibiting his 'La Glacon' collection. International media calls Rio the Indonesian 'Alexander McQueen'. Lady Gaga and Kim Kardashian had also worn his design for a photo shoot with famous fashion magazine.

    "The gown is the key for the moment when Katnis is spinning around on the stage," said Summerville. "We communicated via Skype for several times to design the wedding gown."

    The gown featured a dramatic metal bodice layered with silks and decorated with Swarovski crystals and weighed close to 25 pounds. The layer of siphons on the lower end of the gown looks elegant and gentle. Rio's work for The Hunger Games was missed by media radar. Before its debut appearance on November 11, many had speculated that gowns from Marchesa or Alexander McQueen will be chosen.

    Rio's design also showed up in America's Next Top Model reality show season 20.




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